Welcome to SecondRater, a source of information and opinion on Live Music performers in Second Life.  Artist pages contain website information, genre information, ratings and a comments section.

The Resident Rating feature (at the bottom of each artist page) allows you to rate an individual artist (1 to 5 stars).  Please take time to use the Resident Rating feature to rate artists you have seen.  These ratings are used to generate the Resident Top 10 list.

Please see the About page for more information on the various ratings and how they are created.

Use the You’re Missing page to send a note on an Artist not appearing on the list.

These ratings are subjective at best.  Please support all Live Music Artists and the Venues.  Keep Live Music thriving in Second Life.

A note about the site name.  Secondrater is a term that implies a mediocre or average (at best) performer.  The site name was chosen as a play on words with Second Life and myself (and my musical talents…which are far below even secondrate) in mind.  In no way should the site name be construed as an overall indictment of the talent in Second Life.  Please be assured that there is talent in Second Life that is equal (and in my opinion superior) to many of the commercial acts on the web / radio today.

Venues / Promotions welcome.  Let’s chat about a signage trade.


Venues / Promoters with SecondRater Signage




Bound Melodies Logo


14 responses to “Welcome

  1. TerryLynn Melody

    WOW so many of these people I have never even heard. Thanks for this list.

  2. Brandy Maltas

    Can the owner of this site please email me at the email provided in the Email section.

  3. I wanted to say thank you, I have noticed with the signage trade that my own blog has received more views that have come from your site. This is a great site and you are doing a lot promote live music in sl.

  4. You’re missing Aminius Writer

  5. Hello Vian, congratulations for this nice site, and thank you for including me ☺
    You are really helping us artists and venue’s owners a lot.
    My best regards


  6. Galilla Sinatra

    You’re missing a lot of musicians actually. I am a firm supporter of SL live musicians but this reminds me of the old rating system of avatars that SL used to have years ago.

  7. Awesome that you do this. It helps a lot of people!

  8. Pavcules Superior

    To secondrater,
    Interesting website you made here.
    But I need to point out that the Rating system is 100% flawed.
    I was able to open 2 different web browsers and rated the same person.
    So you are allowing performer ratings to be abused here.
    I would take the ratings with a pinch of salt.

    • The rating system used is by Polldaddy.com. It is certainly not foolproof as a quick web search will show. This is one of the reasons SecondRater ratings are also included. It can serve as another metric by which one can gauge an artist.

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