Antonio Galloway


Jazz, Pop

Resident Rating


7 responses to “Antonio Galloway

  1. Twilight Darwin

    Antonio Galloway, the most amazing male vocalist in SL today… His style is incredible, His range wonderful and when he sings you can feel the music…

  2. Awesome singer

  3. Wonderful singer, he puts his whole heart and soul into his singing, and yeah he is the most wonderful friend you could ask for. o-O Nettle loves ya!

  4. To call this Artist a Crooner is an understatement. Antonio Galloway has the most wonderful voice; a truly gifted artist and always a true gentleman to his audience. My very favourite SL Singer. Bravo!!!

  5. I have heard him sing over the last month…I have been brought to tears and left feeling when he is done that a dear friend left and took a great gift with him. One of my favorite quote is “life is not about counting the number of breaths you take but counting the number moments that take your breath away”. The songs he sings take my breath away. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful gift..

  6. Antonio Galloway

    Thank you all so very much for the truly wonderful comments. I am extremely humbled and flattered by the kind words and truly appreciate all the love and support. It means the world to me. God bless you all.

  7. Congratulations to Antonio for his recent award as Favourite Pop Singer in SL 2011.

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