Max Kleene



SecondRater Rating: ****

Resident Rating


11 responses to “Max Kleene

  1. Nickee Ninetails

    Been listening to Max for years and he always gives his all to his shows.

  2. A wonderful performer and friend!!!!

  3. Nikki Mathieson

    He’s incredible. Another one of those who draw you in with his personality and makes you feel like you’re sitting in his living room enjoying some great tunes. Love me some Max kleene!

  4. One of Soar’s Favest Performers in SL and a Canadian as well!!! Awesome!

  5. He was very personable and played Collide by Howie Day for me and my girlfriend on our 1 year anniversary. We had an awesome time. He is an extremely talented guitar player. He also knows amazing facts about Canada lol Thanks Max!

  6. great guy wonderful performer

  7. lovely guy and one of the very best performers in SL

  8. What a great musician!!! And a sweet guy to boot!

  9. Max is super and such fun!♥

  10. Max is awesome and is one of my favorite performers on SL

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