Lisa Brune


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12 responses to “Lisa Brune

  1. Lisa is my favorite female musician. She has the draw of a mythical siren. Her voice is so sweet and relaxing.

  2. i love her with her voice in 3D full of slove ) miam miam

    • I run to my computer to hear Lisa Brune she is without a doubt the best Female Vocalist on Second Life. She has a wonderful personality! Thank you internet for giving us Lisa, She has the Gift of Love…..and I love Lisa!
      TY Emy!!!

  3. A voice, a lot of feelings, a women… an artist..
    Thank you Louloutte 🙂

  4. A voice…. a voice… a voice…. my friend… & an Heart….
    Love & kisss ma Lisouille

  5. una voce grande per un cuore grande..

  6. Thanks so much my lulus, Merci mes loulous, l’énergie est mutuelle c’est avec votre chaleur qu’on a envie de se lâcher encore plus..merci très fort ❤

  7. Lisa is a wonderful singer and full of personality. As the others have said, her singing has a lot of heart, soul and warmth. Merci Lisa pour les concerts – j’espère que tu continueras toujours.

  8. Kikou ma lisouille
    Que dire de toi tu le sais
    Bon c’est clair si vous connaissez pas Lisa , vous prenez son site vous ecoutez sa voix, vous lui demandez son groupe pour aller voir ses concerts, et vous en devenez accroc.
    Gros bisous lisouille

  9. Lisa is wonderful and better than chocolate! ♥

  10. A wonderful dreamlike voice!

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