Voodoo Shilton


Jazz, World Music

SecondRater Rating: ***

Resident Rating


6 responses to “Voodoo Shilton

  1. He’s awesome!! 🙂

  2. Voodoo is a perennial favorite at Music Island and always gets a full house.

  3. Voodoo is deffinately one of my favorites, not to mention a really nice guy!

  4. A very versatile nylon string guitarist that plays a large range of musical genres. Whether it’s relaxing to the evocative originals like ‘September’ or ‘Angustia’ or partying with the more upbeat gypsy jazz standards like ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’ or even the Star Wars Cantina Band music, Voodoo has just the song for the occasion. He is a very worthy improviser often dual streaming with singers such as Mulder Watts and Max Kleene. Voo has that endearing quality that makes me want to hear whatever new songs he can pull out of the bag. On a personal level, I’m proud to call him one of my best friends on the grid!

  5. Love his style. Especially his old originals. Always a great time. Never seen someone who can learn a song so fast as this guy!

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