Strum Diesel


Folk, Rock

SecondRater Rating: ****

Resident Rating


4 responses to “Strum Diesel

  1. Nickee Ninetails

    We’ve booked Strum for events, and I’ve followed him for quite some time. He’s energetic and entertaining and does what he does with heart. His personality and desire for the ‘world to be better’ shows clearly through his performances.

  2. Christi Magic

    Strum is the best musician in Second Life hands down. His music speaks to you, his passion sets your heart on fire… and not to mention the goosebumps you get every time he opens his mouth and belts out one of his great songs.

  3. My favorite insl. Meaningful, beautiful, peaceful. There is no other performer I love more, hard to find a more engaging show on the grid.

  4. Excellent musician and a very fine song writer.

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