Nadine Morani

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“Nadine Morani has been singing for many years , her main instrument is her voice. She has just recently begun singing again after taking a break for a few years, and has found Second Life a great place to find an audience for her amazing voice.

Nadine sings songs from Lady GAGA to ABBA and a lot more .

Nadine covers a wide range of songs, and she does it magnificently, investing her passion in every song she does.

Nadine is managed by Zeena Stoop with Cathrine Huntress as an assistant, you can always contact them in second life for bookings.”

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9 responses to “Nadine Morani

  1. Great Voice! Great Covers! But also nice songs out now…. – Simply a goot singer –

  2. Nadine is one of the sweetest girl in SL. Her voice is so you get goose bumps to hear her sing, we are lucky to have her on SL.

  3. Simply AMAZING!! 😀 ❤

  4. Nadine is amazing. Has a voice that makes you melt.

  5. From; **HUGS & KISSES**
    Greetings, if you’ve never heard; “NADINE” sing, you’re missing out on a great performance. She has been gifted by God with an amazing voice. She can hit those high notes where she gives you goose bumps. Her song; “Hallelujah” makes me cry each time she sings it! She’s very devoted to fulfilling your requests, don’t hesitate to get her song list and request something. Please don’t forget to buy her single; “I’m Alone” for it’s absolutely marvelous! Also, don’t forget to tip her, remember this is how she makes her living.. This is her livelihood…. May Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior bless you Nadine and your career abundantly..Hallelujah… ”JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON” 12.1.2011

  6. Who am I to not support a fellow Belgian? Nadine is not just a very good singer, she’s also very social and good fun. All you need in a great artist!

  7. Been following Nadine for a while now she just gets better and better whatever she sings she sings perfectly truly the voice of an angel and worth giving up a little time just to hear this awesome singer do her thing. And i always get goosebumps when listening to Nadine she has a truly unique gift and it is an honor and pleasure to be able to listen to this incredible singer

  8. AWww you guys!!! You are all so sweet! Thank you for your wonderful comments and votes!

  9. an incredible voice!!

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