Live Artists

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  1. Danielle Hancock

    Lance Rembrandt *****

  2. It’s odvious to me that this website is a croc of BULL! The guy that made the site rates the performers himself and puts those stars beside the performers names… He is odviously TONE DEF himself to dare put xxxx and yyyy or zzzz in the same rankings with 4 stars!!! Im not trying to offend anyone but come on people…xxxx is a 5… yyyy is a 5… zzzz… Well he is like a 1 at best. Come on people stop kissing each others butts and BE HONEST! [Artists names removed – SecondRater]

    • It’s pretty clear up front that the stars behind the artists names are my ratings. Second sentence on the front page states “SecondRater artist ratings are indicated by the stars (1 to 5) behind the artist name.”

      All of the ranking features on the front page are driven by the resident ratings. I view SecondRater ratings as an independent balance to the crowd sourced resident rating system. You of course are free to view SecondRater ratings any way you wish.

      As to being “odviously TONE DEF”, not to my knowledge, but as I also clearly state both on the home page and the “About” page, ratings are subjective. One may love Jackson Pollock’s work or hate it…in no way does either subjective opinion indicate the status of one’s ability to see.

      I encourage all users of this site to rate artists honestly and fully expect others opinions to not match my own. What a boring world it would be if everyone had the same tastes and opinions.

  3. Dallas is my real-life friend. His Love is singing. He is not a professional, and he NEVER proclaims to be one. BUT…. he gives LOVE and he is so emotional when he sings. He is not a pretender. He is quite Simply… DALLAS…

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