Samm Qendra


Pop, Jazz

SecondRater Rating: ****

Resident Rating


3 responses to “Samm Qendra

  1. An amazing voice with a tremendous range

  2. I have worked with more big stars than you’d believe if I listed them. I’m hard to impress, but Samm Quendra impresses me. I don’t know who she is in RL or if she’s actively pursuing a singing career, but she is as good as most of the famous ones you know and better than many. The fact that the Second Rater has only given her 4 stars, because “no one is good enough for 5” shows he doesn’t even recognize real talent when he hears it and how meaningless his ratings actually are.

    • I have checked through the blog and as far as I can tell, I have never written “no one is good enough for 5”. I assume the anonymous author of this note intended the quotes above to indicate an ironic statement and did not intend to fabricate a quote to support his / her statement. In fact, five stars is not unheard of on SecondRater as a simple search will show. They are, however, very rare for me.

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