Beccca Baxton


Jazz, Blues, Country

“I have a wide range of music that includes thousands of songs that I sing, including jazz, Blues, country, Love songs, R&B, Oldies, modern songs.I love to sing romantic songs the ones that reach into your heart and speak to you”

SecondRater Rating: **

Resident Rating


12 responses to “Beccca Baxton

  1. SgtPinback DarkWyr

    You put the “W” in WOW !!!!
    You give it all you got….
    Thank you…..

  2. Magnolia Ashbourne

    B = Best performer in Second Life
    E = Energy, enthusiasm, elan, excitement
    C = Cute
    C = Clever
    C = Chutzpah
    A = AMAZING!

  3. Great and enthusiastic performer with magic voice, Beccca can sing any song. Venues with Beccca are pleasant, Beccca’s shows are cool, nice, always with a good atmosphere and even good humour, great performer !

  4. BECCA: An amazing Performer in SL! She is not just a great singer she can put on a performance that will leave you wanting more. Come see her and feel the magic in the air. You will get lost in the magic she brings to each song. Let her WOW you!!

  5. Beccca is the most entertaining performer in SL! She combines humour and lovely singing to lift your mood! A show not to be missed!!!!

  6. I have known beccca about 4 years now, never once have i heard her sing a song badly.
    Her vocal range is totally amazing, she keeps the crowd energized and pumped to come back for more.
    Her humor also is addictive, very funny and whitty, amazing performer!!

  7. My Beccca yeah! She’s awesome and every show is a new treat for me. Love you girl. So glad we have become such good friends. Keep up the great work “Big D Darling”. You “Finger Cutter” you! Love you always!

  8. Beccca is a wonderful singer and a Lady that I respect and love

  9. My Beccca yeah! She is awesome and every one of her shows is a new treat for me. So proud to be working with you “Big D Darling”. Love you “Finger Cutter” always!

  10. Yeah my Beccca. Her shows are awesome and each one is a new treat for me. If you haven’t attended a Beccca Baxton show, you seriously need to. Proud to be working with Big D, my Finger Cutting sista. Love you xoxoxo

  11. Beccca is a very caring person and the love for her audience comes yhru with ever performs. Beccca shows are a must see,you’ll come away with a smile and feeling better about second life

  12. Beccca Baxton, what can one say about her except AWESOME. Amazing woman, amazing friend. I truly enjoy her shows. Thanks for continuing to do what you do best.

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