OneSummer Oh


Rock, Blues, Classic Rock

SecondRater Rating: ***

Resident Rating


20 responses to “OneSummer Oh

  1. Love her voice it touches my soul.. One of the best in sl

  2. Yeah… touching… that is indeed the right way to say it ! Knowing OneSummer for a long time already, i can really say: She makes you feel her dedication and love to the music and thats not all … she does it with a voice that can make you melt… 🙂

  3. Sera Michalski:
    Must say you are trully brilliant! I am amazed at your wonderful vocal and the way you make it fun in inserting people’s names within your song! I just love it! Been to so many live musics here on SL and in the real world! So far you are the most talented I have come across! Huge compliments m’lady! big hugs sweetheart! Rock on!

  4. I went to a concer and heard OneSummer Oh. She is without a doubt the best Female Vocalist on Second Life. She has a wonderful personality! I had so much fun… Highly recommend her shows ..

  5. MikeNelson Resident

    darlin u were great!!!!!

  6. u are very very good!!!

  7. Friedel Nansen

    great voice great voice !!!!!

  8. Johnson Mortenwold

    We love you too, Summer! You sound awesome!!!

  9. Kardoula Lipponen


  10. i love your voice OneSummer, so nice, great concert and so much fun too!

  11. Hello! Sorry for the delay in seeking you …. I’m coming to congratulate you for the spectacular show on the opening day of my espocição the Culture Crossing, on July 11. Your presentation was perfect! The best show I ever watch around SL. My congratulations and sincere THANK YOU!

  12. OneSummer Oh … thru the years you made my heart sing .. you are one of the most fantastic performers of all SL, so true to your believes and an awesome bearer of tradition from the great days ♥♥

  13. I’ve got the pleasure to listen to her singing for the fist time tonight. Really nice voice!

    I hope to see/hear you soon @ Cafe Casablanca

  14. 5 STARS all the way !!!!!!
    You Rock !

  15. I was at OneSummer’s show for the first time and I was just blown away!!! I notice at the top she only has a 3 star up there …. she should be five all the way. Her voice is amazing and I’ve not heard no one that even comes close to her talent .. my best wishes

  16. STING (black5corpion)

    fantastic hun great voice

  17. Miss summer i wish you would sing more!

  18. One Summers the best !

  19. OneSummer is one of the best in SL. If you need her to perform she is always there for you. She puts her heart & soul into her performances & the game. I have known OneSummer for a while now, she is an awesome person, performer, & a great friend to me , & a lot of people in Sl.
    She is always there for you, she is amazing. Just imagine what she can do !!!! Keep on Rockin !!!!

  20. Jenny Walter ---

    Wow ! I just heard your song and its awesome, loved your performance! What a start to my day I must say! 🙂

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