JustinElias Anatra



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25 responses to “JustinElias Anatra

  1. OMG will constantly spam the heck out of you to come and listen to him. Only join his group if you wanna be constantly begged.

    • Whoever you are, I don’t think you know what “joining a group/subscribe-o-matic and Subscribotron” are. Justin doesn’t need to “beg” people to come listen to his shows. He has enough of a loyal fan-base to not have to beg. People who are on his friends list know that SL has its moments when it comes to notices. Also, friends know he will send a group conference if needed, so they are aware. If you don’t like being on his list (Click the delete button and un-join his groups) It is your fault for joining or adding him in the first place. I am curious to see who “you” are in-world. You are probably one of the type of people Justin does not want around his shows ie: Negative and judgmental. God be with you. If you have the balls to tell us who you are, please do. If not… Bugger off!

    • I know for a fact that Justin only sends out notices from his group and the other musician groups of which he is a member. If you don’t want the notices, you can leave his group or any of the others.. No one has you tethered to him, except you!

  2. Sareena Sands

    Best live singer I have heard in SL! Go listen, you won’t be disappointed. Always fun times when he performs!

  3. He combines everything from Torch – Motown – Jazz – R&B – Pop – Soul and much more. He is an eclectic artist. Blues is an understatement.

  4. Maya Moonwing

    Justin is so amazing! Every show is different and his voice never fails to impress me. I wish more second life entertainers where as innovative and talented as he is. I wish I could get away to see him more often!

  5. Tiffa Sweetwater

    waving @ Justin not only are you so talented,you always cheer me up when you sing.big hugzzz dont ever stop smiling

  6. Being a performer also means being a promoter, Promoting is the key of being noticed, Thats how the industry is, Justin got a 5/5 because he deserves it.

  7. I love him 🙂 he is wonderful I wish I had more time to come hear him and his mother sing

  8. Justin is a professional musician who’s been performing on stage since the tender age of three. His style is eclectic and covers many genres. I would rate his degree of professionalism and talent as excellent. His abilities in his studio when he sequences tracks are amazing. Thank you Justin for sharing your gift of music will all of us.

  9. His concerts are always so much fun.

  10. anitarackler@cox.net

    You and Justin are the top performers in sl.. love to listen and interact with you two. Love ya both, Anita66 Telling

  11. Justin , You do such great work , it is rare to find a talent like you anywhere and especially in SL . You keep up the good work 🙂

  12. Justin is a regular fixture at Jack’s Nightclub. And thats the way we want it to stay.

  13. Justin is one of the most amazing performers in SL. He is a great singer and a real “showman.” I have seen him dozens of times and he still makes me happy every time! Thanks Justin!

  14. JustinElias is so amazing! Every show is different and his voice never fails to impress me. I wish more second life entertainers where as innovative and talented as he is. I wish I could get away to see him more often and you should too!

  15. Justin is the best singer on SL!!!

  16. Justin is truly a 5 Star Act!!

  17. Tina Christian

    Justin Elias is one of the most talented people I have ever heard. So much talent ,,,

  18. first of all i want to say I love you Justin you rock second @ Chech the reason you get so many is he is that busy working SL because he is that good so if you want one of the best shows in SL please join Justin’s group ypu will never be disappointed

  19. keep up the gr8 work you and all are doing love listening to you xox

  20. Fantastic showman! His sets are heck of a lot of fun! If you have never gone and seen his shows GO you wont Regret it !
    TO the guy who complained about Spam it aint spam if you can Im some one and ask to not be contacted! Justin is a nice guy just ask to be taken off his list of people he contacts and I am sure he would remove you !

  21. hmmmmmmm cheech if you were smart enough to look in your preferences there is a little box that disables group notices and group chats since you didn’t have the brain power for that you decided to diss a great performer I say shame on you and to Justin keep up the fantastic work darlin you soooooooo rock

  22. Justin is awsome..if you don’t like his notices quit the group or block them..noone held a gun to you and made you join. plus he can spam me anytime.. (hides from trey) lol

    from Helena 🙂

  23. Justin is awsome. if you don’t like his notices quit the group or block them. Noone held a gun to your head and made you join. Plus Justin can spam me anything O.o.. lol (hides from Trey)

    Helena 🙂

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