You’re Missing…

Leave a comment below with the name of someone I have missed.  New artists are coming on all the time.  I will add the artist unrated to allow Resident Rating and will try to review as soon as possible.

225 responses to “You’re Missing…

  1. al hofmann and debi latte

  2. Danielle Hancock

    Lance Rembrandt

  3. Saraine Sands

    Ohmy Kidd

  4. Missing a few….Ryul Neximus, Hogan Baily, Yip Jannings, Taunter Goodnight, Adevina Citron, Satin Galli, Sid Slade, The gReefers, The Follow, Soar, Harper Messmer, Cranston Yordstorm, Shaye Dezno, Gary Jonstone, Gandolf Mornington….Giggles I think I gave you enough for now.

  5. Babba Ballyhoo

  6. Brian Garrett

    BGSinger Hermit

  7. Brian Garrett

    You are missing BGSinger Hermit

  8. Kellee Blaylock

  9. APinkSwan Beauchamp

    XanderNichting Writer, David Csiszer, Frogg Marlowe, MrMulti Writer, Perfezione Fetrocci, Saintess Larnia, melodyblue Melody, BubbaC John, Phil Setner, Sinatra Cartier.

    • Frogg is under EffinJay. I have appended names to that entry. Can’t seem to find Perfezione Fetrocci… Thanks for the tips…keep ’em coming everyone.

  10. APinkSwan Beauchamp

    ooops, it should be Perfezione Fetiocci. Sorry about that…:)

  11. Laughing, I warned you that created a monster, but also thank you…this is encouraging me to get out and see tons of new performers….some even booked. Ok, here is my list of missing performers:
    Offerus Fouquet
    Moses Rae
    Lexus Melodie
    Shellie Boucher
    Buzz Paulino
    Noma Falta
    Icky Flux
    Keeba Tammas
    Phoenix Gerhadsen
    Scarlett Laroux
    Krisie Snowdrop
    Harmonia Trefoil
    Jase Branner


  12. Gandalf Mornington

    Hi – Gandalf in Gandalf Mornington is spelled GANDALF and not GANDOLF as you have it. Please correct. Thanks – Nice job with this by the way!!

  13. Bonnie Woodford

    DirtyDee Sweetwater is missing as well. 🙂

    • Should be up now. Wasn’t able to tag with genres…if you can provide that, I will add to ensure he comes up on searches for genres like rock or folk.

  14. Bonnie Woodford

    MUSICAL STYLES for DirtyDee Sweetwater
    DD performs his own music as well as a variety of Classic Rock, Current Rock and Pop.

    Any other info you would like just email me or message me in sl. 🙂 Also I can send you a better promo pic or you can grab it from my picks if you want it.

  15. Please add, Marky Helstein, JazzMan Correia, Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler, Rapture Damon and Sonyajavette Charisma. Thanks!

  16. Please add the following:
    Marky Helstein
    JazzMan Correia
    Rapture Damon
    Sonyajavette Charisma

  17. You are missing Nadine Morani on your list! By far my favorite live singer! 🙂

  18. Reallymad Morpork who has been singing in SL for almost 3 years.
    and Allister Westland, Rara Destiny


    Please add
    Tim Anadyr
    Lyn Carlberg
    Bara Jonson
    Matlock Constantine
    Carah Nitely
    Caoilte Skytower
    Torben Asp
    Blindboy Gumbo
    ChelseaMarie Noel
    VladVolvode Diavolo
    Markseery Melody
    We Steal Flyers
    Shagpile Spiker

    • Put in what I could. Blindboy has requested not to be listed. Couldn’t find a page for Shagpile Striker in world. Have a possible weblink for him, but don’t want to make a mistake. Thanks for the pointers!

  20. Two of SL’s very best:
    Funkyfreddy Republic
    Carmel Daines

  21. Waves~~~~~ you forgot me…. I know i know.. im a quiet one.. shy one….. kinda hard to remember 🙂

  22. missing Jukebox Diesel
    LizAday Solo

  23. Veronica Weksler her too 🙂

  24. Anarinya Crystal

    Sassy Nitely is totally missing here 🙂

  25. VladVoivode Diavolo

    Caoilte Skytower is conspicuosly missing from this list as is Tim Anadyr and Lyn Carlson.

  26. Perkey Felwitch

    EricSteffensen Mistwalker

    Thank you 🙂

  27. and add also
    Whirli Placebo
    Elvina Carlicci
    Blue4u Nowicka
    Moondoggirl moomintoog
    Starrfish Ohmai

  28. kiyla dreamscape

    You are missing NANCE Brody.. amazing voice.. amazing performer.. I try never to miss her shows!

  29. Blindboy Gumbo

    i see no other way of contacting you, so i will do it here…REMOVE ME..from this site…thnx 🙂

    • Should no longer be up. Comments are the best way to contact me. I try to read several times a day. Let me know if there is a modified post you would prefer. I will do my best to accommodate.

  30. Brett Hansome
    Lance Windlow
    Brian Narstrom
    Dee Timeless
    Stinna Popstar
    Rania Darkrose
    ElvisAronPresley Lisa

    Giggles just a few others

  31. you’re missing ItFactor Defined

  32. tukso okey if he wanted to be included :0

  33. Bonnie Woodford

    Nikita Lumet
    LadyScarlett Farstrider

  34. Enchantress Sao

    How about
    Zorch Boomhauer
    Deadeye Foggarty
    Pol Arida
    Lexie Luan
    These are 4 of the very best musicians in SL who have been performing in SL for quite a while

  35. I would like to be added too 🙂

  36. Enchantress Sao

    Oh and what about Bright Oh

  37. Deadeye Foggarty
    Zorch Boomhauer
    Lexie Luan
    Pol Arida
    4 of the very best musicians in SL

  38. Enchantress Sao

    4 of the very best musicians in SL
    Deadeye Foggarty
    Lexie Luan
    Zorch Boomhauer
    Pol Arida

  39. Enchantress Sao

    Why is it my comment with the addition of
    Deadeye Foggarty
    Lexie Luan
    Zorch Boomhauer
    Pol Arida
    disappears? These are 4 of the very best REAL musicians in SL!
    Thank You
    Enchantress Sao

  40. I wanted to say thank you….you have managed to make me much more aware of the performers that I have been missing and finding some wonderful talent I did not know was there. Giggles now two more names for you:

    Skylord Carnell
    Crooner Carlucci

  41. Bonita Denimore

    Hi–I’m just filling in some Dragonfly info for you.

    Dragonfly has a website :

    Facebook page at :

    You can find a profile photo at: OR or

    He has a Reverbnation page at:

    Thanks for doing this! What a great project!

  42. jax streeter does not appear to be on the list, nor steveeolio resident

  43. You are missing Trav McCcullough. He is one of the best vocalists in SL. You won’t be disappointed.. i promise *s*

  44. Don’t see Trav McCullough or JoeUSA Shelbyville

  45. Can you please add SaraMarie Philly

  46. Lisa Brune!!!

  47. I don’t see Tamra Hayden on this list……

  48. you’re missing Truli Lionheart! does great originals and makes his own backing tracks and is awesome!

  49. Lilly Bracken

    You’re missing Bones Writer! He does all his own back tracks and plays all original music! he’s the best in both worlds

  50. Mason Thorne, Hayduke S, Donnie Doobie, The Feds

    • Mason Thorne is up. Can’t find anything on Hayduke S. Donnie Doobie has a blank profile and while I can turn up a pic, it’s from 2008. Is there a recent pointer? Have ‘The Feds’ myspace page, but no pic of their Avatars or a Group in SL. Do they have a SL group? Thanks


  52. I appear to be missing from this impressive roster….Please add BALLEY BERNARD 🙂

  53. It’s looks like I’m missing 🙂 Please add Kasper Robespear

  54. SweetLilly Pinelli

    I am missing too. Please add SweetLilly Pinelli too 🙂

  55. Some others that I have come across not on the list:

    Shawna Littleboots
    Rocketman Galaxy
    Lazarus doghouse
    Lonewolf55 Genesis

    Hope you’re having a great day!

  56. You are missing Pippa Exonar as well. Lovely Australian voice! Very charming too!

  57. Cyndi Burnstein and Maurice Mistwood—-2 more 🙂 hugs

  58. Hello Still and ppl from Second Rater!! ☺
    Thank you so very much for remebering me, I’m very happy and wanna congratulate you for this site, it’s awsome!!
    ♥♥ Khiron♥♥♥

  59. And it’s missing a great singer, Annabell Trafalgar!!!

  60. Moon Spark


  61. Jazzygal Passariello (SL)

    You’re missing Spike Luckstone and JC Farstrider, both live artists in RL and SL.
    If you ask me they’re some of the finest in blues, jazz, rock, for Spike and Jazz and latin jazz for JC. Please look into these artists…they are awesome.
    Also, do you review places?

  62. how can you not have Von Johin ? magic fingers and a huge range of tunes.

  63. Here are a few more:

    PM Bookmite
    Loreen Aldrin
    Starflower Orbit
    Guy Goodman
    Happycamp Resident
    twostep spiritweaver
    elizabethmalloy Resident
    Clay Harsley
    JennaSue Crosby
    Shellie Boucher

  64. The worst thing is for me to close the venue for the weekend and work on paperwork for RFL…it gives me a great reason to go venue hopping listening to music….here is my list of performers that are not on here yet:
    Lefty Delwood
    Samara01 Resident
    wytchwhisper sadofsky
    FedoraJones Popstar
    Phoenix Flux
    Komuso Tokugawa
    Thom Silverfall

    Have a great evening 🙂

  65. Work has kept me away, but I am coming back, I have been performing on SL since 2007 🙂 put me on the list please..
    Jean Munro

  66. Karter Stonecutter. Discovered him at Leira’s Live Music. Very good!
    ~ Libby Iwish

  67. Morgan Canare
    Melody Paperdoll

  68. NennySue Naxos

    How could you be missing Raspbury Rearwin? Omg one of the best live artists on SL and been around for years !

  69. not sure the spelling is right but
    JordanRayne Diesel

  70. Glenn Sporg – he’s new — in rl

  71. ENGRAMA is my band in sl, idk if this is for live bands too or only for solist musicians.

  72. Tip Corbett was the first musician I ever saw in Second Life, and I’ve seen him three times since. A really enjoyable classical performer. I hope you’ll add him to the list.

    (Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form affiliated with Tip, his manager, etc. Just like his music.)

  73. One Frequency

  74. Songbird1028 Sorbet should be added. Here is her Video.

  75. JordanReyne Diesel

  76. Artel Brando
    Adamhoek Resident-
    Duzzy Ryder
    G.Bevin (flytecase resident)
    Hazideon Zarco
    James Corachea (jamescorachea Resident)
    Lynnie Michigan
    Maurice Mistwallow
    Onehempcat Oldrich

    Coailte Skytowers is now Conner savage (conor falconer)

  77. Nikita and the Nightmares!!!!

  78. You’re missing MikeNelson Resident, rock and roll! He’s great!

  79. LindiMoo Resident

  80. Brendan Shoreland

  81. Jesse Ribeiro is now Nigel Palmer (nigelcpalmer.Resident)

  82. Blindboy Gumbo
    Peet Peterman
    Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth

  83. Blindboy Gumbo

    Peet Peterman

    Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth

    May B Missing. ty, interesting site.

  84. Hey I am missin Tim Anadyr. He is awesome!


  85. TheBalladeer Resident
    Terrytoon Resident
    Groovin Ghost
    Dani Plassitz
    Onster Merlin
    Henry Goodliffe


  87. New talent: Miles Ghost

  88. Dexter Ihnen who is now DEXTER MORPH – Long term, one of the best, most professional artists in SL ever . Check his ‘mixed reality’ video:

    He’s done countless benefits and been a huge positive inspiration to many people on may levels. I’ve been one of his dancers ( The Dexcelerators ) I came across this site and thought – it’s just not right that such a guy with such a talent should be left out! Great list though – well done!

  89. I’ve played a few times inworld… does that mean I get my name (Robert69 Little) added to the list as well?!

  90. I checked our roster of performers at Stargazer Cafe — you have every one of them except one — Thunderfoot Lorefield.

    (disclaimer — Thunderfoot is myself. An active player of 3-4 shows per week, and co-owner {with Tay Beningborough} of Stargazer Cafe).

  91. Smiling….. I know you missed me. Here are some today that I found not listed:
    Brixton Canning
    Stela Rajal
    Dje Atolia

    Thanks, Still

  92. Mangus Greybeard

    OMG, ya have to add Eli Megadon, one of the best male singers on Second Life.

    Thank you,

  93. You are missing Eli Megadon

  94. you also miss
    Dhalif Rhapsody
    Wannahave Ferraris
    Kaycee Drayman
    Basebeta Python
    Carmen Roeth
    Facemelter Soup
    Illegal Meskin
    Lillmisspriss Lane
    Mapoo Little
    Marcel Yearsley
    Prince Paneer


  95. Vincent Merricks. Real name Todd Cody. He has a sexy, rich voice and accompanies himself with electric guitar, playing to original backing tracks. His set list includes blues, country, and rock covers along with some originals.

  96. Hi 🙂 Your friendly pest again…

    Strider Quan
    Blaine Scorpio
    Theresa Nayar

  97. Hi:) Your friendly pest back again.
    Strider Quan
    Blaine Scorpio
    Theresa Nayar

    Hope you are having a great day.

    MAMMALUV SKYTOWER, CHELSEAMARIE, and manny manny others…

  99. Hi 🙂

    Rafaella Docherty

    Take care 🙂

  100. Sioux Nikolaidis
    Ytzejam Jacobus and
    Seleluna Calamity.
    And yes, i am their manager, lol…

    Nice site btw!
    Take care!

  101. Mulder Watts is missing!

  102. Also, Juel Resistance (indie folk)

  103. I would like to be added to the list.. Rhia Yuhara. I sing Jazz, Pop, and folk music. Thanks 🙂

  104. Orangelife holmer

  105. Traci Nubalo: The Word

    Writes longform interview features on SL performing artists

  106. Tukso Okey!

  107. hiyas would love and add please
    Wolf n Hawk we play mainly folk
    we also run a venue called Ye Olde Wolf n Hawk Pub
    so a sign would be great too
    nice site btw

  108. Please add Cailidgh Spires

  109. Cosmic Haystack and the 50 Biscuits Band – genuine Kentucky bluegrass in SL.

  110. I was wondering if I might get my name on this list and how.

  111. All these websites drive me nuts ….

  112. Russell Eponym

    I dont see Mash Rhode there. I would love to give him my vote.

  113. Zadista Chercher

    Gigi Jasper! You have to check out her sets she has one of the sexiest voices and her shows are just so much fun!


    Zen Revnick – AKA John Randolph :

  115. I miss Barb Denver….she has a great voice with an german accent and her show’s so awesome…..

  116. ooops…i missed the whole name : its Barb Denver-Portal aka devilgyrl Denver

  117. Freestar Tammas, since May 18, 2007

  118. Phase Republic

    The band ‘Redzone’ (‘redzone’ group inworld, on the web).
    NOTHING to do with Spyware, but playing in SL since 2006.

  119. I miss Inchino Melson on that list! Please put her on it 🙂

  120. Widget Whiteberry

    Jaynine Scarborough – you will be blown away

  121. Could you update my profile?
    Singing style: Symphonic Rock, musical, classical and pop

  122. GREAT site :)))

  123. Please add “ariangels” to the list. An amazing new sl performer. Thank you

  124. SgtPinbackDarkwyr

    Raindrop Rhapsody…Check her OUT..Wonderful Voice

  125. I’m definitely a second rater – can you add me too? GregEllisToronto

  126. Hi Vian, really great Blog.. a valuable resource, just one thing… I’m missing! So it’d be cool if you could add me, Lokki Merryman. Tnx! As I also run a venue, would be great if we could trade signage as well.

  127. You’re Missing Kiesta Aljon…she plays weekly at Guthries

  128. Koko Incognito – she is working regularly at different clubs.

  129. Clyde Barrow – clydechestnutbarrow

  130. Mewz Artis – has been singing at Franks Elite.

  131. Hello. You are missing Quartz. A Canadian classic and prog rock artist. Top notch singer and musician!

  132. You are missing TobyKip, Sammie Qendra, Bat Masters, Red Heaven (formerly Dragonfly) and Gootek

  133. Please add SingerGirl Mode. Thank you!

  134. Hi Secondrater, back on Feb 10 I asked if you would add Quartz, but I see he’s not added yet. His screen name is Quartz but his username is qqquartzzz resident. As my previous entry stated “Hello. You are missing Quartz. A Canadian classic and prog rock artist. Top notch singer and musician!”

  135. No worries about Feb. Thank you so much. Happy New Year!

  136. Marqs DeSade is missing (sl name marqsdesade)

  137. To my disappointment I didn’t see The Quadradix. Featuring: Max Kleene, Denny Mac, Sabian Inglewood and Benude. A great live band I would love to recommend 🙂

  138. Does anybody even check this thing? anyway, found it accidentally, ….so I will just put myself out there, cos nobody else will *shrugs* such is life for an independent performer SL legacy name Tzaryna Gracemount performing as Angela McKeenan my soundcloud I only do three shows a week because I give them every damn thing I got and I am NOT a cash cow for agents if you don’t think I belong here that’s cool…will keep doing my thing anyway. My schedule… Up to you whether you chose to listen and rate. Peace and chicken grease, Angela xoxo

  139. Kinda slow here lately, yes, but good to hear about you Angela! Will keep an ear out for you.

    – Thunderfoot

  140. Sup second rater! I thought this site was pretty much dead, kudos and thanks for adding me *slaps you five* are comments going to be enabled for my entry? is there much chance of updating my pic? where should I send it? sorry for the tons of questions, being direct is what I do. Take care and thanks for the rating.

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