Komuso Tokugawa


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8 responses to “Komuso Tokugawa

  1. Less chatter more music.

    • Well, you get what you pay for…;-0

    • and yes, I do realise my chat to music ratio can be high, but generally this is due to my setup time needed between songs. I don’t use backing tracks, but rather a system of AI intelligent backing instruments of my own design which usually takes some setup on a per song basis. This can vary depending on the complexity. Thanks for the comment anyway…I always need a reminder to try and get it more streamlined.

  2. Mr K can certainly crank out some of the Best Rockin Blues tunes. A mix of Techno and Blues topped off with some electric Boogie 🙂

  3. Anytime I go see Ko it’s always new, fresh & original, Sometimes written out but usually off the cuff arrangements that will blow your socks off. I’m a techno, electronica music lover & Ko is a rare find. Talented, his unusual covers of songs will have you dancing in your chair.

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