Damian Carbenell



SecondRater Rating: ****

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11 responses to “Damian Carbenell

  1. Nickee Ninetails

    Damien gives more than 100%, talented and personable, you’re sure to enjoy

  2. Nikki Mathieson

    lol everyone wants to spell his name that way. His name is Damian with an A lol..

    and I agree with Nickee.. he’s super talented. His shows are fun.. not just cuz he’s a great singer, guitar and piano player.. but also because he’s friendly and fun. Makes you wanna just hang out with him.

  3. Damian ROCKS!! Man has HUGE TALENT!!!

  4. Deangelo Deneero

    Damian is as pure as music gets. He makes your soul smile!

  5. Damian is one of the most genuine artists i have heard..a true talent

  6. i do not get to hear Damian often enough. i sure do agree with the above posts. This man is definitely a great talent and well worth going to hear. 5* plus artist for sure.

  7. Damian IS easily TOP 3 of the all time BEST in SL!

  8. Such fun at his gigs! ❤

  9. Liked the music. However, if I enjoy a show I always send an IM to the artist letting them know. He’s the first artist to not even acknowledge the sentiment. I thought that wasn’t very polite to shun a person who supported your show.

  10. I’ve been to lots of Damian’s concerts and always complimented. I never got any answer from him. Rest assured, JustMe, that you’re far from being the only one. 😉

  11. I’ve been going to Damians shows for years. If he hasnt responded to supporters kind comments, I can only assume its because he gets soooooo many lol. He’d be at his computer for days thanking everyone individually via Instant Message. Rest aassured, he makes sure to give his warmest and most sincere thanks live on stream during his shows over and over again to everyone who makes it out. 🙂

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