Frets Nirvana


Rock, Blues

“With wide musical influences such as fingerstyle masters Merle Travis, Chet Atkins or Jerry Reed, classic blues and rock players such as Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page to the infamous Gypsy Swing player Django Reinhardt, Frets draws on a huge catalog of music that features guitar in a wide variety of sound. Frets feels that “Life is too short for One Groove” and as a result his playing keeps the listener interested using all these musical colors. ”

SecondRater Rating: ***

Resident Rating


2 responses to “Frets Nirvana

  1. Sabine McGettigan

    I’m always pleasantly surprised at the quality of Fret’s music. To hear such talent in Second Life is a rare privilege.

    Frets has been instrumental in bringing the Wounded Warrior Project to Second Life, donating his time and talent on a regular basis to this wonderful charity for our American Servicemen.

    Thank you Frets!

  2. Excellent musician and a joy to listen to.

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