Claire de’ Dirval


Blue, Alternative Rock, Acoustic

SecondRater Rating: ****

Resident Rating


16 responses to “Claire de’ Dirval


  2. I love her!!!!!!!!!

  3. Claire can sing it! And she’s a sweetie too.

  4. Claire blows my mind every single time I see her! – LOVE her shows. QUALITY!

  5. We Call her the voice on the Isle, :))

  6. My pick for best in sl. and funniest!

  7. my pick for best in SL and funniest. hehe

  8. Whhohohooooooooo!! Claire ROCKS!! 🙂

  9. Claire de is my favorite music & fun preformer in SL. Every show is a blast! Thank you for all the coolness!!!

  10. She’s funny and cool AND a great voice. You entertain us Claire.. DINKUM!!!

  11. There is NO other entertainer in SL with her talent, her, on stage persona or her HEART! She IS the total package!

  12. Claire de is my favorite music & fun preformer in SL you can only love her and what a voice with so much power !!!

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