iCandy Overland



Pop, Rock, Alternative

SecondRater Rating: ***

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34 responses to “iCandy Overland


  2. Is this Dutch the puppy!!!!! Love you Dutch!!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate you all voting for me……means sooooooo much to me

  3. Amazing singer ..very rarely such a star is born ..once in hundred years …there is this couplet im trying to translate ….it takes years of pleading for angels …and very rare one such star is born …that’s you Canny ……hugsssss

  4. I totally love Candy! She is an amazing singer and entertainer! Her concerts are so much fun and Candy is so wonderful with the crowd. She has such a beautiful voice and a wonderful love for all her fans!.


  6. Agrees with Tessa *Simply the Best* Flawless πŸ™‚

    • Awww…Syl…my manager!!! I pay her to say that!!! LOL I love you hun…4 YEARS NOW! wow
      You are the best online manager ever. Can’t wait to get back into real life singing here in Seattle and broadcast my shows on secondlife!!!

  7. I have never met a performer that works so hard in sl. She is not here for fame-she has already had that in rl. She chooses to focus on helping herself and other people for the better good of the universe. Is she perfect NO…does she have challenges YES…does she try Hard YES. You will not meet a person more deserving of a crowd of supporters. She sings like and angel….can deliver power vocals and command attention at her sheer will and drive to do the best performance EACH AND EVERY TIME

  8. Wow, Leah, amazing. Thank you so humbly……….

  9. Just heard iCandy today for the first time… WON’T be my last…… Her rendition of Amazing Grace bought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful voice & person xxx.

  10. ty Wayniac. I loved your request…..Just goes to show-I will sing just about anything you avi’s want
    Love and hugs!!!

  11. This girl is way awesome, always on time and gives her all to your venue.
    We love you iCandy and always think of you when we want something a little special for our venue …..love you muah!!!

  12. AWWW. TY Anonymous. I love to work as a performer. It’s so nice to know that I am respected by so many! Love and hugs thanks for those star ratings!

  13. I have never met a performer that is so sweet, truthful, willing to kick butt with rock, kiss you with love songs, and always singing in honor of those who are in need! You will not find a more professional performer in SL that does live singing of cover-JUST ABOUT ANYTHING–sometimes an original shows up! We love you Candy…so much and ALWAYS…Hope you remember us when……….

  14. Tabasco Nootan

    such a beautiful and enchanting voice…….bravo…….

    • ((cry)) ((blushing)) I am so very touched Tabasco….I cannot thank you enough for such words about what my soul gives. I am truly, truly grateful in all way! Namaste

  15. icandy i think you rock and the best singer on sl i give you a 10 star rating

  16. Candy just went from an amazing show of rock and top 40…SHE IS SO MUCH FUN! I CANT BELIEVE IT! then she goes to belt out some of the hardest tunes in the jazz, love song, easy listening, showtunes…DANG!!!!!! SHE IS the ultimate singer in SL! Gets better and better EVERY DANG TIME I SEE HER

  17. Really lovely set! Nice variety of music/genres! A really fun DJ who interacts with the crowd. ❀

    • awww thank you Katrina-you know I am singing live right? What a great time with you and the girls last night for Crystalrain’s birthday! Cant wait till next Monday at 8pm-ROADHOUSE DREAMS

  18. Sophie Dorival

    First time on seeing iCandy, I was taken in by her dynamic, warm personality, amazed by how versatile she is. What a woman, what a voice. You go girl! β™₯

  19. Janessa Littleboots

    Amazing singer saw her sing around when she first started and she took off light a bullet! Now being one of the top Singers in SL, I’m honored to say I know her and her lovely Voice. – Janessa

  20. Janessa! Janessa Littleboots! I am honored to know you lovely lady! I miss my fans in Secondlife so much! Seattle music scene is where I am mostly! SL is still my home and check for shows scattered across the grid! MUAAAHHHHH

  21. Hey iCandy, it’s me Sonic the Hedgehog (FurryWolf Rayna), just I thought I drop by and rate you. ^^

    Happy Songs. Hehe *Turn that Frown upside down*

  22. blueblurchrome

    Hey iCandy, it’s me Sonic the Hedgehog (FurryWolf Rayna), just I thought I drop by and rate you. ^^
    Happy Songs. Hehe *Turn that Frown upside down*

  23. Sonic!!! You have been such a faithful friends, I am so grateful….here’s to many more years as friend and fan. Love and hugs!!#! “Canny”

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