Mommaluv Skytower


Electropop, Indie

Resident Rating


3 responses to “Mommaluv Skytower

  1. MommaLuv has many diverse sounds and a great message. I met her in summer of 2010 and have been impressed with her variety of sounds on her solo compilations as well as a number of collaborations with other artists. MommaLuv’s spoken word creations are a treat as well. Check out her music every chance you get at

  2. Everyone has a lot of fun and introspection at a MommaLuv performance. lyrically powerful mixed with a jumble of different styles and genres musically. It’s like a group of friends supporting one another with positive vibes even with sad themes.

  3. and she rooooocks :-)))I love her shows and missed them so much!!can’t wait to be on stage with the whole gang again :)))
    xxxLife voted!!!

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