Mihaere Shamen


Jazz, Blues, RnB, Country, Reggae

Mihaere has a energetic stage presence (when he is on the stage that is) Miha loves to interact with the crowd and get people involved. So you never know if you will find him on the stage or behind you dancing.

Miha has the talent to change any song lyrics and add your name or actions right into it.. Is fun not what it is all about? Taking songs and singing them his way.

Dynamic vocals and personality are sure to entertain. Miha has put together and extensive reportoire, insuring something for everyone, along with a nice choice of song selections. Miha sings 100% Live !!!!!!

Miha is well known for having the audience on stage with him  as he believes participation is a MUST! If you want fun and a show people will remember this is the Entertainer for you..

You will find new friends and family at Mihaere’s shows and never know what will happen. Fun exciting and entertaining…

Jazz, Blues, RnB, Country, Reggae. But as he would say this Maori  Don’t Do Rap !!!

Manager : Angie Shamen (Angie Stromfield)

Resident Rating


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