Savannah Coronet


Country, Rock

SecondRater Rating: ****

Resident Rating


12 responses to “Savannah Coronet

  1. Wow. So much fun!!! Love her shows.

  2. must have been an off night. she didnt seem to connect to the audience

  3. Savvy is Awesome always!!!

  4. Maybe you had a off night Savvy always connects…Her fans love her

  5. Savannah is one of a handful of star quality talented singers in SL. She is country inspired but an all around multifaceted songtress who loves her fans and loves to sing.

  6. Savannah Coronet is the BEST singer in SL and is way better than the original artist of the songs she sings. I love her!

  7. Miyushu Babii

    Savannah is hands down THE best Live Music performer in SL! Everyone needs to attend at least “one” Savvy show! That’s all it’ll take to fall in love with this amazingly talented woman!

  8. A KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF singer,..
    You Rock…thank you.
    SgtPinback DarkWyr.

  9. SgtPinback DarkWyr

    Savvy you ROCK !!!!!!
    Very few shows have the ENERGY your shows have…
    Your Kickin it !!!

  10. A great artist. Never sings out of key, can do country, ballads, slow numbers and fast and hard rock. She regurlary adds new songs to her repertoire.

  11. You are the best Savvy….the one and only!!!!!

  12. Some singers you just want to ask why are you here , but Savannah is one you ask your self why did you miss her show, She is one of a handful that is a pleasure to hear she has it all the sound, the show and personality . She would have my vote for best entertainer and whatever else is best in second life

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