Trav McCullough


Rock, Jazz

SecondRater Rating: ****

Resident Rating


6 responses to “Trav McCullough

  1. If you have not heard Trav sing you sure should. The emotions he brings through his voice is enough to melt anyone! A definite ‘must hear’ singer.

  2. Trav Great singer, There every chance I can… Look for them notices and don’t miss out 🙂 ***** Trav*****

  3. one of the best voices connects very well with his fans and listeners and has a super group of followers

  4. You are missing one of the best entertainers in sl. A powerful rich voice that makes you feel his love for not only his musice but his fans.

  5. Smooth sexy voice perfect for the love songs.

  6. Trav has been filling my ears for years with his smooth voice. I adore you Trav….. EC~

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