Rara Destiny



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6 responses to “Rara Destiny

  1. I think she has a very sweet voice. My friends no longer go because her and bf have sung some pretty harsh anti-American songs but I still attend Rara’s concerts by myself when I can.

    • Your friends avoid Rara for something her boyfriend sings?

      • I have chosen not to respond to this for the longest time, but now it’s just getting silly……..A friend stopped at my house in RL while I was doing a gig, and sang a song he wrote. Saying that I am anti-American is, well, silly. I am, however anti-oysters, and for that I will not apologise.

  2. Traveler Denimore

    Beth, know your facts. Rara is australian, and jackdog is australian, if them both being australian makes them boyfriend and girlfriend, *Edited – SR* ? Rara is lovely, dedicated, awesomely talented and as much as i try to make her hate my americanness, she simply refuses. go see a show, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Rara is an amazing singer and performer. I am not sure who Beth is but she has no idea what a talent she is bashing. Rara you are amazing and thanks for being such an amazing performer. I would reccomend seeing her everychance you get.

  4. Rara is a born entertainer with an incredible stage presence and a natural charm that most other performers take a lifetime to develop. She also has a one-of-a-kind contralto voice that’s warm and emotive and makes her covers and her originals into something that’s all her own.

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