BubbaC John



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6 responses to “BubbaC John

  1. Sexy Bubba and the Bubbettes are the best! I love all

  2. Hello Bubba,

    i´m happy for each concert from you… You´re my favourite…


  3. This Man is the BEST Elvis Tribute Artist EVER here in SL..NO one can put on a show and make the crowd feel like a part of the show….The “Echo Remains” in every song Bubba Sings…..LOVE THIS GUY TO DEATH

  4. I still have a Bubba scarf he throws to the ladies!! 🙂

  5. He is a great guy, Love taking my lady to see him he gets her all worked up so Cheap date weeeeeee, A must see

  6. This performer is one of those in sl singers who can be unique! Great job Bubba!

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